Class of 1977 Committee

The reunion committee is responsible for encouraging attendance at the reunion by networking with classmates throughout the year. Some members of the committee are also encouraging class participation toward the class gift. If you are interested in helping with either of these efforts, please fill out this form and you will be contacted by a member of the University.

Reunion Networking Co-Chairs

H. C. Eschenroeder, Jr., M.D. COL
Mr. Herbert E. Fitzgerald III COL
Mrs. E. Pemberton Lewis Wilson COL

Reunion Giving Chair

Mr. Kip R. Caffey COL

Reunion Committee

Mr. Barry N. Berlin COM
Mr. Christopher S. Bourke ARCH
Mr. David F. Brandley, Jr. COL
Mr. Edward H. Brown COL
Mr. Jeffrey S. Burkhart ENGR
Mr. Herbert A. Claiborne III COL
Mr. David W. Clarke COL
Mr. S. Preston Craighill III COL
Mr. Trent S. Dickey COL
Mr. Dave Dobel COM
Mr. Robert L. Edwards COM
Mrs. Anne Garland Farrell EDUC
Mrs. Nancy E. Fay ARCH
Mr. Rhett W. Gano COL
Mr. Mark T. Giles COM
Mrs. Marjorie L. Green COL
Mr. John W. Guinee III COL
Mr. Charles M. Hale, Jr. COL
Ms. Janet E. Hinchcliff COL
Mrs. Leah McKell Horton COL
Mrs. Judith Lindamood Hughes COL
Mrs. Jan L. Hundley, MS, RN, CS NURS
Mr. Stanley K. Joynes III COL
Mr. Thomas H. Justice III COL
Mrs. Victoria E. Kinsman COL
Dr. Mary Belefski Klein COL
Mr. Radford W. Klotz COL
Mr. Richard H. Lee COL
Ms. Jan Liverance COL
The Honorable Stephen C. Mahan COL
Ms. Karen L. Main COL
Blair Marsteller, M.D. COL
Ms. Alice Monday Mayo COL
Mrs. Pamela Connolly Minetti COL
Mr. Gary T. Piacentini COM
Mr. William O. Reeside, Jr. ENGR
Mrs. Patricia H. Reid COL
Stewart D. Roberson, EdD EDUC
Mr. Harold J. Rodriguez, Jr. COL
Mr. Paul H. Saunders COL
Roy S. Shelburne, DDS COL
Mr. Clifford S. Singer COL
Mr. David C. Sloan EDUC
Ms. Ellen E. Spong COL
Dr. Debra B. Sternberg COL
Mrs. Patricia A. Sterner COL
Mr. Douglas M. Stone COL
The Honorable Mark D. Stoner COL
Mrs. Barbara Martin Taylor COM
Mr. Van C. Thompson COM
Mr. A. Richard Thorsey COL
Mr. David M. Tolmie COL
Ms. Miriam Trogdon COL
Mrs. Tara Smith Tyberg COL
Mr. Granville G. Valentine III COL
Mr. David J. Van Petten ENGR
Mr. Thomas E. Venker, Jr. COM
Mr. Jeffrey C. Walker COM
Alene H. Waller, M.D. NURS