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U.Va. Women's History

• Meredith Woo (Buckner W. Clay Dean of Arts & Sciences)
The dean of Arts & Sciences looks back at 40 years of co-education
in the College in an April, 2010 blog post.
"Virginia" at Forty

• Phyllis Leffler (U.Va. Professor of History):
Mr. Jefferson’s University: Women in the Village!

• U.Va. Library Archives
Follow this link to read the story of the struggle that led to full co-education, view historical documents, follow a timeline of the co-education process, and read about the first women who made the University what it is today:
Women at the University of Virginia

• Priya N. Parker (COL ’04)
A fellow alumna’s project that follows the story and struggle of Virginia Anne Scott and the court case battle that led to full coeducation in 1969
Storming the Gates of Knowledge: A Documentary History of Desegregation and Coeducation in Jefferson’s Academical Village

• Richmond Times-Dispatch Article by Holly Smith ’72:
Women Chisel Place From U.Va. Tradition, Chauvinism

• Richmond Times-Dispatch Article:
Women's Struggle Termed Not Over

• Report by Kevin Mannix ’71, ’74:
Minority Report on the Admission of Women

• College Topics: Fall 2008 Newsletter:
From the Cavalier Daily Alumni Association

• College Topics, April 2000 Newsletter:
From the Cavalier Daily Alumni Association

• Cavalier Daily Article:
Women Press for Lawn Rooms

• Cavalier Daily Article:
Male Athletics Dominate Facilities, Finances

University of Virginia Magazine Article:
"Girls at the University", Fall 1967 Edition